Acceptance test tool for C/C++


qAccept is a acceptance test tool for C/C++ like the similar tools that exists to the Java language (like EasyAccept), qAccept is similar to EasyAccept in many ways...

...and differ in some.

The client must write a XML file instead of a text file, why? EasyAccept script are, well... easy, but easy for a programmer not for a person that does not understand nothing about programming. XML files appear to be more ugly and complicated for the client but have one advantage. Write a GUI to generate the XML is easier and I don't need to create a parser to read the script file, a XML library do it for me.

C/C++ does not have a standard way to take a compiled binary and do some kind of reflection, so we use the Qt library and their meta object compiler for it, so the Facade must be linked against Qt.

Another problem are the exceptions, C++ can throw anything of any type and when catching anything is impossible to know the exception type, error code or message if any, so to make our job simple your exceptions must be a subclass of std::exception.


There are not releases yet.


If you have any ideas or suggestions about qAccept feel free to contact me, Hugo Parente Lima (hugo_pl at

Frequent Asked Questions

Why this FAQ still incomplete?

Because I don't have time to write it, or I'm too lazy.

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